Finally Revealed!

How You Can Get Rid & Permanently Remove Your Facial Hair *Naturally*

All Without The Need For Expensive & Risky Laser Treatment!

If You Feel Lonely, Depressed, Frustrated and Angry About Your Face and How You Could Have Felt More Confident and Be Able To Achieve Greater Heights in Your Career & Relationships *Without* the Ugly Facial Hair, Then Read This Important Letter Now, Even If Your Doctors Have Lost Hope on You..


Dear Friend,

It's nothing worst than having embarrassing facial hair on your upper lips or the side of your face.

Or having to go through endless cycles of irritating stares by strangers looking at you for no apparent reason (but you know what they are looking at)

Or worse yet, you are just tired of not going out of the house without taking measures to hide your face with your hair.

Apparently, you are not alone.

It's been estimated that there are 40 millions of women and girls in the US have been suffering from this depressing state of having unwanted facial hair.

I know how you feel, because I was once in your situation.

Nowadays, I no longer have to deal with this facial hair problems. I've been successful in getting rid of the facial hair off my face permanently.

You can say I'm lucky, but I'm glad it's all over for me now.

However, it hasn't always been like that.

Let me share with you a story of how I succeeded in removing and stopping unwanted hair on my face permanently without any need of laser treatment.



It all started 10 years ago.

I was approximately 25 years old back then when I began to notice a couple of hairs on my chin. It never really bothered me that much.

As ignorant as I was, I just simply didn’t know the extent of the problem until later years.

Soon after, those hairs have steadily increased and spread to all other areas on my face to the point where I wish I could have just a few hairs and plucking possibilities.

It travelled down from the corners of my mouth, getting wrapped around my chin's rounded corners and drifted off of my face down my neck. I realized I had a full grown goatee!

It was then I began to panic, if not terrified. Obviously the only real solution I could think of was to shave it off.

Being desperate as I was, I literally shaved every single day. I did that for almost 4 years.

However, the facial hair came back but with much thicker and darker than before, to the point where if I were to miss a single day of shaving, I would have to literally pull up my t-shirt up under my chin just because the itching was so unbearable.

From the continuous shaving, I’ve developed the worst reaction ever. I’ve gotten some nasty bumps in all the shaven areas which were terribly bothersome, annoying and irritating. 

But nobody told me that shaving my facial hair off was one of the worst things I could do to reduce or stop facial hair from growing.

Nobody could, because I was way too scared to talk to anyone at all.

I thought of seeing a doctor but I felt like she just wouldn’t take me seriously about my condition and expected me to sort it out myself. 

So I did check out some of the best face hair removal products for women and bought some creams from the pharmacy.

The problem was, not only those creams failed to remove all the hairs, but they also burnt my skin leaving me with acute and terrible red rash which literally took days to heal and clear up.


My life now revolves around shaving!

I was very embarrassed and stressed out. Some of my facial hairs were really thick until you could even strike a match on them.

I just can’t leave my house until I have shaved them. I felt good even though it lasted for a while before it came back again. All it ever took was mere 12 hours.

At times I was so morbidly curious just how long the hair would get if I let it grow but I just can’t even imagine myself doing that.

I’ve tried to hide it from my boyfriend, friends, parents using just about anything I could imagine; from using make up covers to wearing turtlenecks or scarves.

Most of the time I would also wear my hair down to cover my face and that’s already affected me getting a job back then (I wouldn’t even mind working in fast food outlet if I didn’t have to wear my hair up as I need it to hide my face). 

I even tried to hide from my social circles. Any outdoor activities like camping or hiking where my privacy was hard to get were difficult.

At times, even trying to get out of the house could be a hassle as I had to spend great amount of time in the bathroom trying to sort myself out.

Occasionally I could see how some people were touching their cheeks and face while talking to me. It’s just really upsetting when I could even see them staring at my cheeks.

I’ve always thought that when someone is laughing about something or looking at me in a weird way they’ve discovered my secret (I know if it sounds so paranoid to you).

It was really painful to see how my face has turned out and I cried a lot about it. It’s even embarrassing to talk even to a doctor


Laser Treatment Horror

That was when I decided to end this misery of mine once and for all. I’ve thought about using laser treatment to get rid of the hair.

So I learned everything I could about laser treatment before jumping in. I weighted all my options about the risky treatment just like anyone would do.

Long story short, on the final day of laser treatment, I left the doctor’s office with the equivalent of a "badly sunburned face", "raised skin" and the "smell of burned hair".

A month later, some hair on my hair had grown back. I was getting discouraged. After spending thousands of dollars for the laser treatment, I was not getting the result I wanted.

My unwanted facial hair was not gotten rid of. Worst still, I couldn’t even get any insurance claim!


Depression and Loneliness

I felt so lonely, depressed and at the same time frustrated for not being able to get rid of these unfeminine hair on my face.

Sometimes I felt so envious of those having nicer skin than mine

It was really a shameful experience to go though.

But the thought of having to live the rest of my life disguising a telltale sign of maleness has made me sick.

I truly felt my life would be different if I didn’t have to deal with this. I wish I could cry but the tears won’t come.  I did everything I should have but things just didn’t work out for me.

I seriously needed help because I was reaching my limit.


My journey of finding Permanent Removal Methods for my unwanted facial hair

Not really wanting to give up hope on myself, I’ve set out my quest to find help online. I wanted to find the best way to remove facial hair while minimizing risk and cost.

So I’ve scoured through just about any imaginable forums, websites and blogs about different ways to help get rid of my unwanted facial hair.

I saw that many of those so-called “experts” have recommended me to go for electrolysis facial hair removal.

Not wanting to jump in too fast, I did a thorough research on this method.

To my horror, I found that there were quite a number of unfortunate ones who have gotten their face permanently damaged with 5-c’clock shadows especially on their upper lips and around the mouths.

In all likelihood these people would be stuck with that patch of shadow on their face for the rest of their lives!  

This sort of complications could occur even for best chosen electrologist. Moreover, electrolysis is often painful yet expensive treatment to pay for.

Not wanting to risk my face for such situation, I’ve researched for safer way to remove my facial hair effectively.


I finally Found The Best Removal Secret!

After days and months went by but in the end I finally found the answer. Natural home remedies for permanent facial hair removal!

But with all the half-baked home remedies and solutions floating around the Internet, I’ve decided to do my own investigative work.

I’ve literally spent the next couple of months trying to find the best methods or homemade remedies to permanently end the growth of my facial hair.


I’ve literally gone through every single forum post and thread there is to find about removing my unwanted facial hair using natural and safe treatments and spent countless hours trying to find out what’s working and what’s not

I even paid access to websites, bought a number of eBooks and physical books online and I even tried out all the natural products and remedies which I could get my hands on.


After years of trial and error, the result was the tried and tested method of treatments which I have personally used to successfully remove my unwanted hair for good!

In fact, the benefits I’ve received from removing my facial hair naturally far outweigh the benefits I gained from the previous laser treatment which apparently produced no substantial result in my facial hair removal process.

Not forgetting as well the money I’ve wasted as well as the pain which resulted from the laser treatment.

I now no longer have to endure the stress and embarrassment from people staring as well as talking about the way I look behind my back.

I felt like I’ve regained my self confidence and I get to lead a normal productive lifestyle.

I no longer have to go to grocery stores and mall without being blatantly stared at. I don't have people coming to me calling me "sir" instead of "ma'am" or miss.

There are no more constant fear of walking into a women's bathroom and nowadays I get to actively involved within my social circles.

I know this could sound far fetch to you. But I would like to assure you that there is still a hope for you as well as everyone else out there having the same embarrassing problem like I used to have


What I’m offering to you right now are the Secrets of natural Home Remedies & Removal methods which helped me Permanently Got rid of my unwanted facial hair.

This is your opportunity to finally free yourself from all the Freaking embarrassment and stress from having Terrible looking men-like hair on your face For Good


Success story #1

"I've been suffering from this embarrassing problem for ages. I was so lost and I couldn't figure out what went wrong and how to get rid of the hair growth on my face.

When a friend recommended me to this site, I immediately purchased this ebook and tried out all the methods taught by Pauline.

Finally I'm getting some good results on my facial hair. I'm seeing lesser hair on my face nowadays. I'm very thankful to Pauline for writting such an easy to understand material for me to understand. I have since shared this ebook to all my close friends having the same problem"

Grace D.,

Success Story #2

Success Story #3

Success Story #4

How To Get Rid Of Unwanted Facial Hair Naturally

get rid unwanted facial hair

My simple report “How to Get Rid of Your Unwanted Facial Hair Naturally” is the only way to give yourself a chance to get back the youthful looking face free from all the ugly looking hair.

What you’ll find in this report is not every imaginable natural remedy & technique to get rid of your unwanted facial hair.

I’ve tried some of the treatment options myself and many of them didn’t work well with me.

There were some hair removal remedies for women which I’ve used worked quite effectively in removing my facial hair but they only worked temporary and came back after a while.

So in this report I’ll only  show and describe to you all the natural removal treatments which I’ve personally used that have not only managed to help remove and stop the unwanted hair growth permanently but also saved me from tons of cash simply by not going any more of those advertised laser treatment follow ups.

All the methods I’ve highlighted in the report are not risky. In fact all natural remedies used for my facial hair removal are safe and there are no dangerous side effects.

And yes, the report is short but concise. So you won’t expect any hundred-page thick book filled with technical jargons which could only be understood by medical professionals.

I’ve never set out to become a best-selling author and I’ll never be. I’m only interested in helping serious people like you who are looking for a safe solution to get rid of your facial hair

I also won’t bore you with all the introductory fluffs or any basic information you probably knew like what is facial fair, symptoms, why is affecting people etc.

But the most important aspect is that this report will show you some of my best natural facial hair removal methods & remedies which are easily available to you and you can finally say goodbye too all the stressful  situation caused by your extremely embarrassing unwanted facial hair


Updated and Concise

For your information, all the methods described in the report were tested and compiled throughout the recent years.

Hence they are fresh and completely valid which is unlike the rest of the materials out there which are often outdated, hastily produced or written by other unknown ghostwriters

Here are some sneak previews of the report

5 Types Of Ingredients You Can Use In Your Home To Make Safe & Effective Hair Removal Cream
Simple Steps On How To Make Harmless And Safe Natural Material For Effective Facial Hair Removal
How One Ancient Yet Healthiest Method For Removal Facial Hair Can Benefit You. My 3 Simple Steps Will Show You How
5 Secrets On How To Make A Special Homemade Remedy For Removing Your Facial Hair Naturally
Learn One Of The Oldest Methods To Remove Embarrassing Facial Hair Which Is Used By Women From Thousands Of Years
What Is The Number One Rule You Must Do Before Using Your Homemade Remedy. Not Adhering To This Might Get Your Skin Burnt!
4 Ways On How To Soothe Your Hair Removal Process
2 Golden Methods On How To Prevent The Regrowth Of Your Facial Hair Completely And Naturally
3 Simple Steps On Making Natural Mask That Will Help Remove Facial Hair In A Very Easy, Painless And Efficient Way
How You Can Use 10 Other Natural Ingredients To Remove Unwanted Facial Hair And Peel Off The Dead Skin
3 Types Of Ingredients To Remove Fine Facial Hair Naturally
How A Special Type Of Tea What Will Help Stop The Growth Of Excess Hair
If You Are Suffering From Hirsutism (Excessive Hair Disorder), This One Remedy May Be Your Best Treatment
How To Choose The Best OTC Natural Hair Removal Products That Matches Your Skin To Avoid Allergies, Rashes, Burns Or Other Skin Damages
One Thing You Must Do Before Using An OTC Hair Removal Products For The First Time
Types Of Creams In The Market You Must Avoid At All Cost
How To "Verify" That Your Otc Product Is Made Of 100% Natural Ingredients
Learn 8 Cosmetic Strategies For Removing Unwanted Hair


But my report ISN’T another bunch of happy hype but with no downside.

Not every one of these natural remedy might work 100% on your situation.

For example, not all recommended OTC natural products may be suitable and effective for some people while others have been getting some impressive results from these.

The fact is, you might not be able to get 100% success rate for every one of the methods which have worked for my successfully.

And I certainly don’t preach that you can do that.

The reason I’m telling you this is to keep you well informed about what I’m actually offering.

But nonetheless, the natural methods which I’ve used to permanently remove my unwanted facial hair do work.

They have worked successfully in removing the facial hair without any risk especially when it comes to area on the uppers lips and around my mouth.

However, you will still need to put in enough effort to make them work for your specific situation

It was due to my strong desire to constantly looking for ways to remove my horrible facial hair which helped relieved me from ever going into the embarrassing situation caused by the facial hair.

If you can understand where I’m coming from then I’m sure you’ll be able to do well. Unless you are lazy and expecting miracles without any work then I’m confident that you’ll benefit from my report.


Most frequently asked questions

Is there really an effective natural removal method for facial hair or Treament to Stop Unwanted Facial Hair Growth?

Even laser treatments won’t guarantee you permanent results. In fact, you may have yet to see horrific results from people getting scarring on their face as a result of laser treatment.

My recent research has suggested that laser treatment for removing unwanted facial hair had not (and still have not, to my knowledge) been approved by the FDA as permanent hair removal solution.

But having seen so many people and my friends who have eventually managed to remove their unwanted hair permanently naturally, I know for the fact that natural removal methods do work effectively.

You just have to see for yourself. I can only speak from my results and experience.


Who should consider natural treatment for facial hair?

The natural treatment for removing unwanted facial hair is perfect for those who are plagued by severe embarrassing situation from having to expose their horrible looking man-like beard.

Also, if you’ve been unsuccessful in getting positive results from costly laser treatment or have never considered medical advice, then this report is meant for you.


Is there any risk and complication from your methods?

The only reason I tried natural methods was that I wanted a safe and practical approach which I can easily learn to apply and help remove my facial hair.

Having experienced ineffective laser treatment in the past, I know how painful and risky that was compared to the more natural methods which I’ve described in the report.

Not forgetting the thousands of dollars spent on initial consultations as well as follow ups during the laser treatment.

Furthermore, I’ve personally tried and tested everything as described in the report so you can be assured that they have worked on my situation free from any side effects.


Why can’t I just buy some creams off the market?

While buying creams to help remove the facial hair is generally accepted as one of the ways to remove facial hair, but the fact is, not all facial removal creams are created equal.

Hair removal creams are essentially products which help dissolve hair chemically so that it can be easily scraped or brushed off the skin.

If you are not wise in your cream selection, you may end up getting skin irritation as well as having visible shadow of hair beneath the skin especially if you have darker hair.


What is the cost of shipping?

There is no shipping cost involved here since the report has been prepared in digital downloadable form (PDF) where you can download it into your computer and read it later using free Adobe Acrobat program. You also have the option to print the whole report out for future reference.


Is there any age requirement before using any natural treatment?

Natural treatment and the home remedies described are generally safe to be taken by anyone having the same problem as mine. If you think you’ve had enough of suffering from the crap load of hair on your face, then it’s time to take charge of your situation right now. However, it's best to consult with your medical professional for further advice.


How do I know if your report is for me?

You will be the best judge for yourself. You will know. If you’ve been sick and tired as well as emotionally exhausted with the scary and excessive facial hair growth on your face but is completely lost, then consider trying out my report.

I would also encourage you to read out this page in detail, read some of the list of testimonials or even read other websites concerning your problems.


Will I get result immediately?

The result obtained varies from one person to another. It would be a mistake if you expect miracles to happen only after trying out a day or two. But do take note that all the methods described in the report


What if your report doesn’t work for me?

If you have tried all the methods as highlighted in the report but you still don’t get the results within 60 days, then you can always ask for a full refund. The risk is entirely on me.


How to get rid of your unwanted facial hair

There are other sites which you find online would sell you different laser treatment treatments with various discounts and attractive packages just to lure you into their offers.

Also including are the different types of products and creams which you may never heard of their brands.

Hence there are hidden dangers as well as bad side effects which you may not be aware of.

Most of the treatments and products never really heal the root cause of your facial hair problems. This is only possible via natural treatments and home remedies.

Of course you can just take up laser treatments right now but are you willing to take the risk and the unforeseen complications which you may regret for the rest of your life later on?

For mere US27 you will get to learn some the proven natural treatment methods to remove facial hair which I have personally tested and used to help my situation.

There are no drugs, no needles, no injections or any other illegal substance used in any of the methods described. You’ll get my personal guarantee that you can benefit from these natural treatment methods or your money will be fully refunded.

You can use VISA MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, and AMERICAN EXPRESS to order via the link below.

For your safely I am using the Internet most trusted and secured third party payment processor, Clickbank. I will *NOT* have any access to your credit card information except only receiving notice that you’ve made the order

Once your payment has been processed successfully, you will be given an immediate access to a page where you can download the report to your computer.


Order via Credit Card or Check

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You’ll get immediate access to the downloadable report which you can read from your computer right away.

No waiting!

PLUS….Free updates for 1 full year. 


Good luck and God Bless!

PS – If you are still doubtful about placing order from someone you do not know, I would like to reassure you that you are not dealing with some fly-by-nighter

I’m just a woman who was so tired with the frustration and embarrassment of having to deal with my ugly facial hair.

I’d experienced the painful yet depressing situation but had no one to turn to so I completely understand just how tough it is to try to maintain a sense of freedom in our lives.

Hence I completely understand that what I’m offering here will help you tremendously.

And if this report doesn’t help you in any even after you’ve read through and applied all the methods as laid out then you can ask for your money back within 60 days of purchase.

It is my sincere hope that you can feel better at ordering from me. If you have any questions which I have yet to answer, please do not hesitate to email me. I will do my very best to reply to you.

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